Allt That Dips : Our Story and Our Mission

August 12, 2017

Allthatdips's ready-to-eat Dips & Spreads begin with our daily visit to the local farmers market to select carefully the choicest and juiciest vegetables and best quality grains that we turn into yummy lip-smacking dips.

We continuously strive to innovate and to offer you new Dips & Spreads experiences, which are the fruit of our deep bond with local cultures, taste and based on our know-how, expertise and innovation. This innovation, which combines genuine, essential agriculture with the passion to create the best, tastiest and most interesting recipes from its produce, is what sets our Dips & Spreads apart.

For us, every good Dip & Spread begins in the field, with a top-quality vegetable, which is blended into a unique recipe. We then add spices and ingredients that bring you the tastes and smells of the marketplace. High quality tahini and fragrant freshly ground spices add aroma and joy to every kitchen, and remind us of the colors and sounds of the market, the place where the tastiest and most delightful Allthatdips's Dips & Spreads are born.

The packaged Dips & Spreads category is one that is steadily growing all over the world and is on a constant growth trend. We are committed to bringing our consumers in the heartland of India, the freshest, tastiest, and finest quality dips & spreads.

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