About Us

Looking for some lip smacking snacks to impress your guests at your house party or looking for giving an interesting twist to your boring snack?? Look no further AllThatDips is all that you can ask for and much more. 

All products at AllThatDips are made with respect towards the ingredients and you. We make sure we use finest of ingredients to churn out most delicious products that are artisanal, free from harmful chemicals and always fresh.

AllThatDips fоundеd оn the bеlief and ideal of think global and act local. We have created a variety of dips and sauces that are  international in appeal and local on palate. AllThatDips creates Salsa, Hummus and other signature dips in classic and bold flavours. Our Salsa & Hummus are perfect for spreading on anything, dipping into everything or adding to whatever is on the menu.

We start with only the best ingredients and then get creative with our flavours, so that you can experience many new “WOW” moments and occasions to share with your friends and family to enjoy all by yourself.

Just sit back, relax and snack on Allthatdips!

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